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Sarah Storie

Absolutely love Angela! I started seeing her when my skin was in absolute crisis, I had awful cystic acne that required someone with a lot of experience and patience to treat. She immediately reassured me my skin would be fine and that she had a plan. She switched me to Eminence Organic Skincare, which has been fabulous and then set up a regularly scheduled facial regimen. It's been about a year and my skin is looking wonderful! She knew exactly what to do and uses only organic holistic methods which is extremely important to me

Rebecca Kolb

Angela is one of my favorite teachers. She has an perfect balance between challenging myself, keeping me present and meditation. She also has given me many beautiful facials as well as shirodara treatment which is hard to explain but its opening and provides tranquility and balance. It's  something I have not experienced before. A must try! Angela is truly talented in the treatment room and the yoga studio" 

Jinju F. 

Full mind body workout!!!

I’ve taken Angela’s yoga classes and they are amazing. She has such vast knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, and explains everything so you understand what the poses do for you. She has traveled and studied with many incredible teachers, and freely shares her wisdom. She eminates with loving energy! I’ve really enjoyed learning from her and recommend her classes to anyone who is interested in the spiritual and the fitness side of yoga. 

Shiella Mae Bertulfo

Angela was extremely helpful after my back  surgery.  I was suffering for almost a year from a herniated disc that required immediate attention especially in the recovery.  Surgeries whether pervasive, or non require a level of consistent but effective techniques to bring both strength and pliability to the bones and surrounding muscles. Angela is very  knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated, talented, versatile,  and absolutely amazing! She really cares for all of her students and helps  whenever and whatever way she can! I love her so much that I’m now enrolled in taking her Teachers Training! I want to learn more about yoga and hopefully to be able to teach someday.   I am confident that I will be an awesome instructor just like her! Thank you for saving my back Angela you’re an inspiration !

Dianne Stevens

Having known Angela from her humble beginnings at her first studio to now, is a testament to her strength and willingness to continue her journey with others in her yoga practice.  Her timeless experiences in her life and teaching is the essence of what makes her classes something special each and every time I attend.  You really have to come and experience this for yourself.  This is not your typical yoga class, but a space for you and your practice no matter what level you are. "