Angel Touch healing therapies

Healing Celebrations

Holistic Celebration


Reflexology affects the various organs and glands of the body through corresponding pressure points in the feet and hands. Both whole-body function and specific body areas can be addressed in this ancient technique. Reflexology is performed on the Biomat, which is a mattress of amethyst and infrared waves that melts away stress. Paraffin and infrared heat probably are one of the most rejuvenating treatments that you can experience. It will keep you up to speed with a busy, yet healthy lifestyle.

Express, 30 Minutes, $59.00 Hot towels and oils are utilized in this treatment of the feet.

Full, 50 Minutes, $79.00 Express, plus paraffin of the feet and reflexology of the hands, as well.

The Works, 1 Hour, $95.00 Full, plus chakra balancing with crystals.


Holistic Celebration

Full Body Scrub


All the above facial skin rejuvenation treatments are 90 minutes. Three package specials are available.  Ask for pricing.

Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing

A natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well being to the recipient. Assorted crystals are placed on and around the body in a pattern designed to resonate with chakras creating a matrix of energy that assists the body in releasing blockages and refining the energy flow.